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Our History

The journey started in the summer of 2014. Ali Zakka came up with an idea to put the words “Achieve Greatness” on a hat. Up to that point in life, he was creating motivational posts on various social media sites in order to motivate himself. He would also create quotes and hang them up on his wall. Then one day, while wearing the Achieve Greatness hat out and about, a complete stranger said he liked the hat. Then another stranger mentioned how she liked the hat. A friend who had never seen the hat said he liked it. A light bulb went off that there was something special about the hat. 


As the year continued, Ali noticed people complaining about how they do not have the motivation or drive to try and become fit, get healthy, or go after their goals. They were not surrounding themselves with positive and motivational influences. The clothes they wore, the social media they looked at, the community around them had a negative or no influence at all. In an effort to create a positive influence, Ali began to create motivational and inspirational posts for everyone, but he realized that he could not reach the world via social media only. He decided to put his quotes onto athletic shirts, thus Lofty Grind Athletics was created!


Ali wanted to create a product that could help people workout and motivate them to keep going. Quotes such as “Achieve Greatness” and “Refuse To Be Outworked” inspire those who have a goal to keep going and try to accomplish them.


As of today, the goal of creating the athletic brand is a reality. Ali hopes that one day Lofty Grind Athletics brand will inspire millions of people to accomplish their health, fitness, and athletic goals!